DESCRIPTION - Energizing and revitalizing no-rinse hair tonic Daily use, suitable for all hair types


ACTION - Instantly detangles and invigorates Provides nutrition and energy Protects hair from external agents & split ends Gives body and vitality with a progressive improving action


HOW TO USE - Apply after every wash and/or spray onto dry hair even every day.

Oway Phytoprotein Mist

SKU: O063
  • BIODYNAMIC LEMON EXTRACT - Adds shine and revives faded and opaque hair thanks to the anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C.


    ORGANIC WHITE TEA EXTRACT - Rich in polyphenols which provide anti-aging properties and protect against oxidative stress.


    AMLA EXTRACT - Stimulates hair growth while providing a strenghtening and nourishing action for thick, healthy hair. Rich in Vitamin C and polyphenols.


    ETHICAL ANISEED EXTRACT - Performs intensive calming, soothing & rebalancing actions, with antibacterial and antiseptic properties.