DESCRIPTION - Root thickening and volumizing spray For fine, lifeless, floppy hair


ACTION - Lifts from roots to ends without weighing the hair down Guarantees volume for even the finest hair Strengthens and densifies Provides a soft, light hold


HOW TO USE - Apply to damp hair, concentrating on the roots and helping, if necessary, by back-coming with a fine-toothed comb.

Oway Volumizing Root Spray

SKU: O0207
  • BIODYNAMIC YARROW EXTRACT - Contains flavonoids that stimulate micro-circulation to maintain hair integrity and promote healthy growth.


    ORGANIC GINGER - Stimulates, purifies and strengthens the hair by stimulating micro-circulation and encouraging nutrition intake.


    ETHICAL PURPLE RICE - Rich in anthocyanins which provide strong antioxidant properties to protect against external aggressors. Restores strength and vigour to brittle and damaged hair.